Friday, August 24, 2007

Loading video to the W52S

I finally figured this all out. Turns out its REALLY simple.

1: You need M2 to use video. NOT TRUE. You DO need a memory card. Either SD or M2. You can watch full length movies off SD memory, or transfer it into the phone. Your choice. Phone vs MMC may affect things like answering messages or answering a call. My guess is copying to the PHONE will be better then using the MMC.

2: You need Sony Image converter 3 in order to load video. NOT TRUE.
What IS true, is that you need Image Converter. Im using I.C. 2.


1: Obtain any version of Image Converter. To be honest, ANY might not be true. I have only tested it with 2.. and obviously 3 will work. Anything previous to 2 may or may not work. The only thing I can think of as important, is the output file. So, I'm certain there are freeware apps that will do the same job. Mileage will vary. All directions assume IC2.

2: Convert some files. In IC2, your files will dump SOMEWHERE in a folder called MP_ROOT. Unfortunately, IC is ment to load to a memory device. So, you can only point it to a ROOT of a drive. Example C:MP_ROOT will be your storage folder.

3: Jump into the folder in Explorer. Notice your files names are just a bunch of numbers. You might want to rename them something more meaningful. Refrain from too much punctuation, spaces and what not. Keep it short and sweet. Its gotta fit on the phone screen afterall.
Next, Delete the files that are not .MP4.. you dont need them.

4: Get ready to copy to the phone. Put it in the cradle, plug it in power and USB. Select Mass Storage on the phone to get into drive mode.

5: In Explorer, browse to the phone folder K:\PRIVATE\AU_INOUT
K is my drive letter, yours may be different. WARNING! There are TWO drive letters that come up. Look for the drive who's size matches the memory card size!

6: Copy your videos into the folder.

7: You cant play them on the phone from here. Disconnect from the computer. On the phone hit Menu, External Memory, PC folder. You will see your files. Hit option.
At this point, decide if you want to put them on the phone, or leave them on the memory card. Use option 4 - 6 to copy or move to phone or memory.
When the location comes up, choose Data Folder, File Corresponded.
This will put it in the video folder, and link it to the system index!

8: Play it! Look in the Data folder for ether the memory card, or the phone, and you will now see EZmovie... its an easy job at this point.

9: Delete the files out of the PC folder. Save some space for the next transfer.

The same general method works for copying PDF and html documents to be viewed in Pixel.. if you want a seperate tutorial, I'll write it.. but its essentially the same.

Memories.. all fading...

The Memory chart for the 52s is outright wrong.
My guess is that its a ploy to get you to buy the M2 cards, rather than plain ol SD.

Empirical evidence from playing with the phone reviels that the SD card will load and play movies just fine. Music is no problem, and PDF viewing with Pixel is simple.

The thing is, you have to use DIFFERENT methods then the given software to accomplish these goals. Thats it. Its just a superficial software power play to buy sony.

The ONLY lockout I have found, is that Sonic Stage doesn't work without M2.. at least, not yet ;) Where there's an MRE (thats me) theres a way.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A new beginning...

So, my W42S gave up the ghost... well, not entirely; the sound had become erratic, and there is noticable slowdown on the menues. Neither of which is entirely fatal (answering calls still works fine with the headset, just no sound with the phone to my ear).

It will feel the wrath of my screwdriver.

On to bigger and better: the hot new W52S!!

As per the 42s blog, I will start with a lowdown on specs and features, what works out of the box and what doesn't, and the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In later posts, I will get into hacking on it, finding truth in the rumors, and tutorials on all that Japanese stuff that comes with it (and is required to use the phone for anything 'fun')

A low down on specs:
2 gigs internal storage
up to 2 gigs external
a bigger screen
plays video
gizmogadgetry.. yep

heh.. nice spec sheet huh? Ok, truth is, you can get a spec sheet anywhere... what you really want is first impressions and comparissons to the 42s:

While the camera is essentially the same specs as the 42, I noticed it takes much better low light photos. Also, there is no manual macro switch. You access macro mode electronicly via the menu now. Sadly, the built in LED is actually DIMMER than the 42.

Overall shape:
To accomidate the larger screen, the shuttle controls we know and love from the 42 had to be moved to the side, in order to keep the phone the same length. Unfortunately the wheel type control ws dropped. Now its just buttons for forward and back. The play/stop/pause button is rather large, but still illuminated.
Due to how things were re-arranged, its a bit inconvienient. Especially the keylock switch. Rather than you thumb, its now index finger, opposite side, and ON TOP.. :/

Memory options:
The more expensive MemoryStickDuo of the 42 was droped in favor of more compact and overall cheaper MicroSD. Good point: its cheaper. Baaaad point: you just wasted cash on a MSDuo you cant use here. dahhhh..

Very familiar, yet packed with all sorts of new features.... so, everything you remember from the 42 applies.

Drummmm roollll please... MUSIC features:
umm.. wow.. 2 gigs internal. NICE.. super nice. A lot of the initial problems with the 42s are fixed here. (dare I say, they might be fixed with the latest version of AMP or the old 42 as well). Songs still need to be converted to ATTRAC. Direct MP3 playback isnt going to work. So, everything you know about SonicStage should work. (I have not actually tried SS yet on this phone because......)
Using AMP, you can convert your music library and load songs directly to the phone memory. You DONT NEED EXTERNAL memory, and it will take any song from your library.
Also, indexing on the phone is a bit more logical, with view options for All, by Artist, or By Album.

Supposedly new features: (I.E. yet to be discovered how to do)
1: Play movies and video (have not figured out how to load to the phone in a 'free' manor. Requires Sony Image Converter 3... $20 on top of the $250 you already paid.) Where do the files get stored?

2: Somehow views MS documents such as .txt .doc .ppt and possibly .pdf but where do these documents need to be stored to be accessed?