Friday, August 24, 2007

Memories.. all fading...

The Memory chart for the 52s is outright wrong.
My guess is that its a ploy to get you to buy the M2 cards, rather than plain ol SD.

Empirical evidence from playing with the phone reviels that the SD card will load and play movies just fine. Music is no problem, and PDF viewing with Pixel is simple.

The thing is, you have to use DIFFERENT methods then the given software to accomplish these goals. Thats it. Its just a superficial software power play to buy sony.

The ONLY lockout I have found, is that Sonic Stage doesn't work without M2.. at least, not yet ;) Where there's an MRE (thats me) theres a way.


FunkyBrewster said...

Hi. I just upgraded to the W52S and it totally rocks. I was going to buy a flash memory player, but I think this phone is going to do the job for me.
The only problem is that to use the high quality ATRAC music format you need Sony M2 memory cards (not SD) and in Japan, they're only selling wimpy 1GB cards. That's way too small especially considering that ATRAC is optimized for higher bitrate (therefore bigger) files. The sound quality at the best setting is awesome - better than MiniDisc. A quick Google search shows M2 cards up to 8GB for sale in the U.S. and U.K. I called au and they said they couldn't guarantee that cards Sony wasn't selling in Japan would work, but in the Japanese manual it says M2 cards will work and doesn't give any size limit even in the fine print. Sounds like BSer to me.
I already have a 1GB M2 and 2GB microSD card (for photos, etc) and both work fine. It seems silly that they would limit only the M2 capacity. Are they just trying to get us to spend money buy having to buy a stack of M2 cards? That sounds like the more likely explanation. Before I shell out US$160 for an 8GB M2 from to find out, has anyone else tried a larger capacity M2 card in the W52S?

FunkyBrewster said...

Correction. I checked in the manual again and it does have a chart showing which memory cards you can use. It only lists sizes up to 2GB and is current as of April 2007. It only shows which cards are confirmed to work, and doesn't say definitely that any won't. 2GB M2 is listed in the "not confirmed or not being sold" category. It does say the microSDHC will not work and on the website it says microSD cards larger than 2GB are not supported. So I'm back to wondering: will a bigger M2 card work or not...