Saturday, July 5, 2008

Need the CD?

For anyone who needs the W52S CD, please send an email to:

e_premeaux(AT) (you need to replace (AT) with the @ sign yo)

I'll send you a .torrent file.
Open this file in a torrent application such as
You can then download the cd as an .iso directly from my computer.

You can only fetch parts from me (and any other users currently downloading it.. torrent is a SHARE application afterall). my comp is up enough that you should have the whole thing in a few days. Evenings, nights, and weekends are your best bet for long windows of oppertunity.

If there are enough requests, I will put up other support files this way. (such as the W42S cd, Sonic Stage.. etc)

By the way, does anyone know a simple and free online file host (non image.. photobucket and the like wont work)? I would rather just put all the torrent links in a side bar, so that you could just click and download the torrent file directly. (you are not downloading the CD, only a tiny file telling your torrent app how to GET the cd.)